Felipe Spath

Rural Transformation in rural Colombia

08 November 2012
08 November 2012
Guatavita, Colombia
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I live at La Juanita Finca Verde, a rural transformation platform in Guatavita, a rural area in Colombia. We run an eco lodge which provides conscious experiences among nature. The platform has been working in several projects including Cinetico, a rural itinerary cinema; ConectArte, personal development workshops for children; TEDxGuatavita which inspires action through ideas concerning rural opportunities; Campo Abierto, which reduces the gap between those ideas and actions.

More information at www.lajuanitaguatavita.com

We live towards sustainability in every aspect of life. Through permaculture principles we try to be in balance with nature, caring for this amazing land, and sharing our experiences with others. Living as a guest at La Juanita, people have the opportunity to work with us this land, and the projects we develop here. We share our way of life with our guests, and learn from them, from their experiences at other places.

I live consciously, and share my habits with others

We are building one here at La Juanita Finca Verde. We engage in exchange with other sustainable communities, learning from them, and sharing our experiences.

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