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12 September 2011
30 September 2014
Santander, España (Spain), Spain
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I'm my 3th year travelling non-stop Earth volunteering at Fair Trade Organizations by running workshops on webdesign, free software, fundraising... #powertothepeople
http://permaculturacantabria.com (perma project in Cantabria, north Spain)

When the home is finish you will be welcome to a sweet straw-bale house where everything is eco-friendly, food is local and seasonal, vegan cooking, dry-toilet, and many other sustainable bits and pieces.

I travel very, but very light and carry lots of sustainable experience and utopias !!

I take part in a permaculture association based in the north of Spain and run courses and workshops on bio-contruction, organic gardening, r-energies, vegetarian cooking, timebank, fairtrade and organized low-impact gatherings :)