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    The presentations so far:

    • 21st October 2011, Federal College in Eunápolis, Bahia, Brazil.
      Presentation of CouchSurfing and Sustainable Couch in front of 40 students.
      Read the report on Massi's blog

    • 29th September 2011, Tower of Babel meeting in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
      Presentation of Sustainable Couch in front of 12 participants.
      Read the report on Massi's blog.

    • 15th June 2011, MoNa "Fair verreisen" - Ökosoziales StudierendenForum, Vienna, Austria
      Presentation of CouchSurfing and Sustainable Couch in front of 30 people
      Read the report (in German)


    Here you find all the most important documents and texts of Sustainable Couchsurfng, easy to download as a PDF


    This page has the aim to give access to some extra information, not simply listing links, but also commenting them and dividing them into some categories.


    1) CouchSurfing- groups related to sustainability

    Alternative Ways of Living & Consuming:
    WWOOF (Willing Workers On Organic Farms)
    Rural Couchsurfing
    Change the world
    Dumpster diving
    Protecting the Environment for a healthier tomorrow
    Organic Agriculture
    International Permaculture Hospitality Network

    2) Hospitality Club
    Eco @ The Hospitality Club

    Concept of sustainable hosting and surfing
    List of suggestions to cut CO2 emissions at a personal level

     Concept of sustainable travelling


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    Q. What is the difference between Sustainable Couch and other hospex?
    A. Sustainable Couch is NOT a hospitality exchange network. It is an independent initiative started by a single couchsurfer (also read disclaimer) with the aim of bringing some aspects of ecological, economic  ans social sustainability to hospex.

    Q. Do I need to be a member of an hospex to become part of Sustainable Couch?
    A. No, you can also be active in a sustainable community without being member of any hospex. Yet, it is advised to also sign up for a hospex in order to know more about hospitality exchange networks and to be able to also become a sustainable host and a sustainable guest.

    Q. Does being a member of Sustainable Couch cost anything?
    A. No, Sustainable Couch is absolutely free! Also creating an account doesn´t cost anything.

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