Information Waves

Take action and celebrate success. Have fun and show it. Let’s spread knowledge, experiences and best practices with the sustainable information waves!

    Archived newsletters

    Nr. 68, March April
    6 years of Sustainable Couch
    6 años de Sustainable Couch

    Nr. 67, January/February
    Massi on the road back in India

    Massi on the road de vuelta en India


    Nr. 66, November/December

    Sustainable Christmas time and NYR
    Tiempo de Navidad Sustentable, resoluciones de Año Nuevo

    Nr. 65, September/October
    The times they are a changin' (English version)
    Los tiempos van cambiando (Spanish version)

    Nr. 64, July / August
    Life and sustainability in a time of terrorism? (English version)
    ¿Vida y sustentabilidad en tiempos de terrorismo? (Spanish version)

    Nr. 63, June
    Sustainable summer in Italy: eat & volunteer (English version)
    Verano sustentable en Italia: cocina & voluntariado (Spanish version)

    Nr. 62, May
    Southeast Asia seen from a sustainable perspective (English version)
    El sudeste de Asia visto desde una perspectiva sustentable (Spanish version)

    Nr. 61, April
    Good news and Escolinha Itacoatiara in Brazil (English version)
    Buenas noticias y Escolinha Itacoatiara en Brazil (Spanish version)

    Nr. 60, March
    The past, present and future of Sustainable Couch (English version)
    El pasado, presente y futuro de Sustainable Couch (Spanih version)

    Nr. 59, February
    Magic, towhnships and surfing in South Africa (English version)
    Magia, barrios y surf en Sudáfrica (Spanish version)

    Nr. 58, January
    Sustainable travelling in South Africa and Lesotho (English version)
    Viaje sustentable por Sudáfrica y Lesoto (Spanish version)


    Nr. 57, December

    The force awakens!(?) A new global plan to stop climate change (English version)
    ¡La fuerza despierta! (¿?). Un nuevo plan mundial para detener el cambio climático. (Spanish version)

    56, November
    Peace is the key for a better world (English version)
    La paz es la clave para un mundo mejor (Spanish version)

    Nr. 55, October
    Slow Food feeds the planet (English version)
    Slow Food alimenta el planeta (Spanish version)

    Nr. 54, September
    Sustainable friendships last forever! (English version)
    ¡Las amistades sustentables duran para siempre! (Spanish version)

    Nr. 53, August
    Hospex are dead? Long live hospex! (English version)
    ¿Están muertas las redes de hospitalidad? ¡Larga vida, hospex! (Spanish version)

    Nr. 52, July
    An active summer for a better world! (English version)
    ¡Un verano activo para un mundo mejor! (Spanish version)

    Nr. 51, June
    Towards more sustainable travelling? (English version)
    ¿Hacia viajes más sustentables? (Spanish version)

    Nr. 50, May
    Massi's report from EXPO (English version)
    Reporte de Massi desde la EXPO (Spanish version)

    Nr. 49, April
    EXPO Milano 2015 - Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life  (English version) 
    EXPO Milano 2015 - Alimentar el Planeta, Energía para la Vida. (Spanish version)

    Nr. 48, March
    Four years of Sustainable Couch (English version)
    4 años de Sustainable Couch (Spanish version)

    Nr 47, February
    Back to the roots of sustainability (English version)
    En torno a la sustentabilidad (Spanish version)

    Nr. 46, January
    Inspire4Change - Encouraging Solutions (English version)
    Inspiración para el cambio (Spanish version)


    Nr. 45, December

    Sustainable Christmas time all over the world

    Nr. 44, November
    Constructing and living in more sustainable houses (English version)
    Construyendo y viviendo en casas más sustentables (Spanish version)

    Nr. 43, October
    Experiencing Energy Autonomy (English version)
    Experimentando la Autonomía Energética (Spanish version)

    Nr. 42, September
    Alternative lifestyle in an ecovillage – Piracanga, Brazil (English version)
    Estilo de vida alternativo en una ecoaldea (Spanish version)

    Nr. 41, August
    Virtual and real life commitment for a more sustainable world (English version)
    Compromiso de vida real y virtual para un mundo más sustentable (Spanish version)

    Nr. 40, July
    More sustainable housing for a more sustainable future (English version)
    Hábitats más sustentables, mundo más sustentable (Spanish version)

    Nr. 39, June
    Volunteering for a more sustainable world (English version)
    Voluntariado por un mundo más sustentable (Spanish version)

    Nr.38, May
    With or without money? Let's crowd-fund for sustainability (English version)
    ¿Con o sin dinero? ¡A cofinanciar la sustentabilidad! (Spanish version)

    Nr. 37, April
    Be the change! At home and around the world! (English version)
    ¡Sé el cambio! ¡En casa y alrededor del mundo! (Spanish version)

    Nr. 36, March
    Three years of Sustainable Couch (English version)
    Tres años de Sustainable Couch (Spanih version)

    Nr. 35, February
    India’s bright and dark sides (English version)
    Luces y sombras de la India (Spanish version)

    Nr. 34, January
    Travelling for a more sustainable world ? (English version)
    ¿Viajando por un mundo más sustentable? (Spanish version)


    Nr. 33. December
    Sustainable Christmas and New Year's Resolutions (English version)
    Tiempo de Navidad Sustentable, resoluciones de Año Nuevo (Spanish version)

    Nr. 32, November
    Of freedom and sustainability (English version)
    De libertad y sustentabilidad (Spanish version)
    Nr. 31, October
    Sustainable Couch in India (English version)
    Sustainable Couch en India (Spanish version)
    Nr. 30, September
    Sustainable Couch on the Web (English version)
    Sustainable Couch en la Web (Spanish version)
    Nr. 29, August 2013
    Sustainable Couch in New Zealand (English version)
    Sustainable Couch en Nueva Zelanda (Spanish version)
    Nr. 28, July 2013
    Mediterranean Sustainability: stories from Greece and Italy (English version)
    Sustentabilidad Mediterránea: historias desde Grecia e Italia (Spanish version)
    Nr. 27, June 2013:
    What's next for Sustainable Couch and story from Colombia (English version)
    Qué es lo Próximo de Sustainable Couch e historia de Colombia (Spanish version)
    Nr. 26, May 2013:
    Fair Trade around the world (English version)
    Comercio justo alrededor del mundo (Spanish version)
    Nr. 25, April 2013: Rural and urban resilience: Permaculture and Transition Towns
    Nr. 24, March 2013: Two Years of Sustainable Couch
    Nr.23, February 2013: BikeSurfBerlin and surfing in Santiago de Chile
    Nr. 22, January 2013: End of the world? No, time to change it!

    Nr. 21, December 2012: Sustainable Christmas and NY Resolutions
    Nr. 20, November 2012: Sustainable Couch in Colombia
    Nr. 19, October 2012: Eco-nomadism
    Nr. 18, September 2012: Sustainable communities around the world
    Nr. 17, August 2012: Sustainable Surfing & Volunteering
    Nr. 16, July 2012: Connecting members all over the world!
    Nr. 15, June 2012: Sustainable Couch at Rio + 20
    Nr. 14, May 2012: Main role, goals and activities for Sustainable Couch in 2012
    Nr. 13, April 2012: Dream, plan, travel: Pole to Pole on the road!
    Nr. 12, March 2012: One Year of Sustainable Couch, we need YOUR help
    Nr. 11, February 2012: Sustainable Couch in Berlin
    Nr. 10, January 2012: Free Box all over the world

    Nr. 9, December 2011: New Year's Resolutions
    EXTRA SUSTAINABLE WAVE-LETTER: Sustainable Christmas time
    Nr. 8, November 2011: Celebrate for a better world
    Nr. 7, October 2011: Sustainable Couch in Brazil
    Nr. 6, September 2011: Six months of Sustainable Couch
    Nr. 5, August 2011: Summer at home
    Nr. 4, July 2011: Sustainable Travelling
    EXTRA SUSTAINABLE WAVE-LETTER: Welcome to Sustainable Couch
    Nr. 3, June 2011: Food and sustainability
    Nr. 2, May 2011: Free Box
    Nr. 1, April 2011: Let's start!


    A wave is something we all know.
    Be it a radio wave, a sound wave or a water wave in the sea. It can travel vast distances, varying in shape and energy.

    Here we also talk about waves. Sustainable wave-letters are monthly newsletters which include:

    • regular updates: contain the most important news from Sustainable Couch worldwide.
    • information waves: travel in different directions, spreading the word
    • celebration waves: highlight small and big successes, best practices examples, positive, personal stories. These are shared and celebrated with the community.
    • sustainable waves: can be changed, adapted, forwarded and used to take action.
    • waves which belong to everybody: become stronger and stronger with the collaboration of all members of Sustainable Couch.

    “Sustainable information waves” – what a pompous name to define monthly newsletters. That is what some people might think! But this is different! We receive newsletters from a large number of companies, organisations, etc. In most cases, we only read the first ones and then ignore and delete them unopened. This often means a loss of time and energy. Signing up for the sustainable wave-letter means you agree to our voluntary promise: to receive the newsletter AND to read it. Only in this way can we can surf the sustainable information waves!

    Characteristics of the wave:.

    • Clear: it has a simple reader-friendly structure with a summary at the beginning, so that you can concentrate on the parts you feel more interested in.
    • Essential in its complexity: the aim is not to overwhelm the receivers with too much data which would scare rather ,than attract them. That is why the content is exposed in a basic short form. It won’t take more than few minutes to read it. But you can, if you desire, read on further for a much longer time.
    • Open: all the updates and the newsletters can be used, forwarded and adapted freely. A general sense of responsibility for the content and images is desired, according to the already mentioned common values of respect and intercultural understanding.

    How to make the wave work:

    • Read the wave: start with your first sustainable information wave.
    • Sign up for the wave: to receive the monthly newsletter peremail. The weekly updates will only appear on this section.
    • Take a look into the eye of the wave: isolate a topic/experience which can be relevant for your activity as a sustainable couchsurfer or more generally in your life, e.g. a new hosting suggestion, a group activity, a book suggestion etc.
    • Use the wave: write down the result from the previous step and try to realise it within a certain period you establish.
    • Change the wave and/or break the wave: if there are parts you don’t agree with or you don’t like, just adapt the wave to your needs, or to your local environment and background.
    • Forward the wave: to make the wave bigger, send it to a person who could be interested in it and ask him/her to read it and to tell you what they like and dislike. It is better to send it to a single new person every time, instead of sending it once to many people who will maybe never give it the time of a day.
    • Let the wave die… the memory remains: when you have done everything you wanted and you could with the wave, just delete it and move forward: the real life is awaiting you. The next wave will be on its way soon, and to guarantee their memory, all the waves are collected in the archive.

    The sender, the Sustainable Couchsurfing Team, will make its best to create inspiring, fluctuating sustainable information waves.

    The receivers are much more than readers and can use the wave in many ways; for exmaples, see those listed above, or any other ways that spring from imagination.

    The aim of the waves is not to reach the biggest amount of people within a short period. Instead, we want to create a solid, developing basis of sustainable couchsurfers who are ready to read, modify, apply it in their daily lives and forward it to a limited number of people who have a genuine interest in. If the system works, the waves will grow little by little and the idea of Sustainable Couch will surf along throughout the world.