Sustainable Community

A sustainable community organises local group activities
and events to promote a more sustainable world.
Its members think global and act local.



    These are some activity suggestions inspired by the Vienna sustainability group:

    • Free Box: a sustainable exchange and fun plattform
    • Sustainable food meetings:  vegetarian/vegan/organic/fair-trade group meals
    • Video and discussions evenings
    • blood donations: check out the “I want your blood”-series

    Download all the suggestions as a PDF document
    Feel free to 
    submit your own suggestions


    The concepts of “sustainable hosting” and “sustainable surfing” are mostly individual and on a face-to-face level. Within the sustainable community, there is a bigger number of people who share many ideas and are eager and ready to invest their time and energy towards a better world. They follow the well-known motto “think global, act local”.

    A successful community has strong roots. Personal motivation, time and a desire to take action are key components of an active group. Respect and intercultural understanding are the basis for the interaction between the members. The founder(s) of a community should always take into consideration that this is a private, voluntary initiative which requires time and passion to live and develop. The members can contribute to the group, according to their possibilities and resources.

    These 5 steps are to be interpreted as general guidelines which can direct you towards creating a sustainable community should you not exactly know where to begin. Every person is different and can follow his/her own rules and ideas, but especially in the beginning, having some suggestions can be very useful.

    Download the 5 steps as a PDF document